Covalent bonding

This involves the sharing of a pair of electrons between two non-metal atoms.

The bonds are strong and are found in molecules, e.g. hydrogen and water, or giant covalent structures like diamond and graphite.

Covalent bonding is a strong attraction between the bonding pair of electrons and the nuclei of the atoms involved in the bond.

A covalent bond is a shared pair of electrons. 

The octet rule is usually obeyed when atoms form bonds. This states that atoms have a tendency to adopt a noble gas configuration when bonding due to stability of configuration. Exceptions include boron and silicon compounds.

A dative covalent bond occurs when one of the two atoms supplies both electrons in the shared pair.

Not discussed in video:

A sigma bond is a bond formed by the head-on overlap of two orbitals.

A pi bond is a bond formed by the sideways overlap of two p orbitals. 

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